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KanaQ - Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Recognition Practice Tool
I wrote this little program to help my wife practice Japanese Kana. You use it like flash cards. You can enable the Romaji display to help you get familiar with the Kana. You can also display/hide Kana tables using the ? button. I had fun developing this as my first C# program. I hope you enjoy using it.

This has been casually tested on Windows XP sp3 & Windows 7. It requires the .Net runtime & the MS Mincho font to be installed on your PC. It is freeware, use at your own risk. The downloadable .zip file contains the single KanaQ.exe file, no installation is necessary, simply unzip it & run it.

Download ver 1.0 Zip File

developed in C# using MS Visual Studio & .Net framework


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